Custom Capos!

Creative Tunings will make one-of-a-kind capos to your specified order. We can make any size capo for most any fretted instrument.

Shown here is a Capo for a Chapman stick.

Custom Scapo√

The Spider is the only capo that is compatible with fanned-frets by virtue of its’ ability to reverse the FINGERS to accommodate angled frets!

Notice the Spider’s FINGERS over Loudin’s fanned fret guitar G,B & E strings, are reversed.

Loudin fanned fret guitar+Scapo

Brian Kelly ordered his custom Spider Capo to turn his electric bass into a “piccolo bass on-demand”. He leaves it on the bass full-time and flips the FINGERS up-and-down to play piccolo bass or standard bass. He and others have reported that this also works well for midi triggering.

Brian Kelly w: Custom SpiderCapo

To inquire about getting a custom capo made please email or call 845.679.3391 (USA) .